Max Gibson is a British-Irish composer, performer, poet, and improviser, currently splitting his time between Birmingham, UK, and New Haven, Connecticut. His compositions include works for instruments, voices, electronic and electroacoustic mediums, sonic art, and theatre music, and he has had works performed in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Turkey, the USA, and across the UK. His poems have been presented in Belgium, and the USA. 

His most recent work focuses on aspects of expanded time, line and counterpoint, sound massing, the act of listening, and an engagement with configuring the space of performance and spectatorship through interdisciplinary approaches to composition. 

His work is inspired and informed by medievalism, architecture, globalism, industrialism, astronomy and astrology, and the natural world.


He has had the pleasure of working with a number of musicians and groups including the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Splinter Reeds, Mivos Quartet, Késia Decoté, Verena Barie, deCompagnie, Cameron Woodhead, Christine Cornwell & klank.ist, Peter Merckx & Marc Tooten (HERMESensemble), The Assembly Project, Hear My Music, Laura Moody, Mary Wiegold, Alessandro Ruisi & Dina Duisen, Notes Inégeles & Peter Wiegold, CoMA, Decibel, Coull Quartet, Ensemble Paramirabo, Wayward Brass, and the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. His work has been featured in a number of festivals, including Savassi Festival (Brazil), CrossCurrents, Flatpack Film Festival, Frontiers Festival, Stratford Music Festival, Oxford Festival of the Arts, St Magnus International Festival, and the AlbaNova Festival (Belgium).

He is currently being mentored by Antoine Beuger. Previous teachers include Ron Kuivila, Paula Matthusen, Howard Skempton, and Michael Finnissy, amongst others.

He is also undertaking a Certificate in Filmmaking at the National School of Film and Television. 

Beyond his creative work, he is a passionate educator, and has taught at all educational levels, including privately, as a workshop leader, and as an instructor at the University of Birmingham, Wesleyan University, and the University of New Haven. He is currently involved in the Learning and Participation team at Birmingham Contemporary Music Group as their Learning Trainee. 

With a penchant for knowledge, enrichment, and development he has dedicated a great deal of time studying music, sound, and culture beyond the realm of composition; at Wesleyan University, he studied improvisation, electronic music, organ, and Javanese gamelan; at the University of Birmingham he developed interests in orality, experimental music, acoustic ecology, and sound studies; at the University of Western Ontario he studied early music, theory, orchestration, and Japanese; and, as a Universitas 21 scholar, he dabbled in anthropology and South East Asian culture at the National University of Singapore. 

He is an avid cook, and enjoys experimenting with food as much as he does sound. At some point he wants to explore works that incorporate food into the musical experience. He loves marmite and kombucha, although not together. He also has an unhealthy obsession with Stroopwafels.

Photo credits to Anya Shatilova.